The Present Development Status of LNG


The Liquefied Natural Gas is a kind of flammable gas which comes from methane. By cooling to the temperature ~162℃, the gaseous LNG Under the normal pressure will become liquid. This liquefacient gas can save the storage and transportation space, and reduce the cost as well. It has advantages of high heat value, and better performance.

LNG is clean and high efficient energy that become more and morn acceptable by many countries that make it the preferred fuel. The exploitation and Application of LNG has highly increased by 12% annual year, and become one of the energy industries with a spurt of growth.


HTN's Research and Development Works in LNG Field


Aiming at the LNG huge market, from year 2003 HTN began to cooperate with a worldwide famous research institute-SINTEF Energy Institute in Norway, and devoted itself into low temperature cold insulation pipeline research. Through great amount of theoretical research and testing, they developed cold insulated technology which is applied in transmitting ~196℃ low temperature liquid. This technology has successfully adopted in many projects. For instance, the LNG pipeline project constructing by China academy of launch vehicle technology, LNG station NGL pipeline project in Zhuhai, and Coal seam gas liquefaction Project in Yangquan, Shanxi Province.